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If you think sleeping at the Hotel Napoleon is as good a choice as any to get the best rest in the mountains of Piedmont, it’s because you haven’t met us yet. We have in store for you a rich array of solutions for your relaxation with lots and lots of personality.

Camera evolution singola con pavimento in legno e parete decorata
Camera evolution special con pavimento in legno

Two room models

There are two room models we offer at Napoleon: the Evolution and the Classic.

If you decide to book a room in the Evolution series, you will be able to sleep in brand new rooms, full of personality and details reminiscent of the movement on two wheels, where the bicycle and motorbike ‘take the lead’. Beautiful and full of details, the Evolution rooms combine quality and special features unusual for hotels in Piedmont and even Italy.

If you are a cyclist or motorcyclist, you will appreciate them even more; if you are not a cycle tourist, you will like them, period!

Otherwise, if you want to economise without sacrificing comfort, opting for a Classic room at the Hotel Napoleon is the ideal solution for you.

Room amenities and services

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We look forward to welcoming you at Hotel Napoleon

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